After fifteen years of breeding AKC champion bloodline Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, we have now welcomed AKC champion bloodline Bichon Frises into our family to produce Cavachons.  With AKC champions on both the Cavalier and Bichon sides, our Cavachon puppies are magnificent.

AKC Champion King Charles Cavalier Spaniel bred by Pamela Lovett Cavaliers.

Other Cavachon breeders don't mention AKC Cavalier or Bichon bloodlines.  Some even go to great lengths to explain that AKC champion bloodlines are undesirable in that they can produce defective puppies.  Lovett Cavachons takes exceptional care to ensure that it puppies are beautiful, healthy and without defects of any kind, and that is why our Cavachon puppies are without equal.  Our Cavachon puppies descend from AKC champion Cavalier King Charles and AKC champion Bichon Frise lines and they are perfectly healthy in every way. 

AKC Champion bred Bichon Frise bred by Pamela Lovett Cavachons.

You don't have to sacrifice champions for health and our Cavachon puppies have it all!  We believe that no Cavachon puppies compare to Lovett Cavachon puppies.