By Pamela Lovett


As soon as your Cavachon puppy arrives home, you should begin potty training.  Cavachons are intelligent dogs and can be potty trained as quickly as most other breeds.  However, Cavachons have smaller bladders than other breeds and you’ll need to be more proactive in taking them out frequently for successful potty training.  If you’re adopting a Cavachon from Lovett Cavachons, we have already started the potty-training process.   It’s important to understand that Cavachon puppies can only hold their bladders for a couple of hours or so and you’ll need to be on top of their schedule for a while.


Lovett Cavachons is a firm believer that crate training greatly facilitates the potty-training process for puppies.  And when they are not rambunctious and playful (or sitting on their owners’ laps) Cavachon puppies enjoy being in their crates.  For puppies, a small crate is a safe, warm, and comfortable place to be.  For example, if we place an open crate in a room with a Cavachon puppy, it chooses to walk straight into the crate to lay and sleep when it is tired or not playful.

Of course, you should fully enjoy the companionship of your Cavachon puppy whenever you are able to pay attention to it, noticing potty queues like sniffing the floor. 

Cute Cavachon puppy, bred by Pamela Lovett Cavachons.

However, when you are not with your Cavachon puppy, or paying close attention, you should place your pup in a small, confined area or a crate.  The reason is very simple – dogs do not like to go potty near themselves.  If they must remain close to their bowel movements, they will hold it as long as they possibly can.  Then, whenever you take your puppy from its’ crate, take it immediately to its designated potty location.  And when your puppy relieves itself, praise it emphatically and give it a treat for positive reinforcement.



For proper Cavachon puppy training, you should designate a specific place outside where they relieve themselves, as opposed to the entire backyard.  A 10 by 10-foot space would work well. This specific “potty” location will be easier for them to associate with their bowel movements, rather than the entire outdoors. 


Some dog owners, particularly in apartments, may decide that an indoor potty area is the best option for their homes.  You can do this by placing a single pee pad in a corner of a room, preferably in the same corner at all times, and be sure to change the pee pad to a fresh one after each potty event.  However, once you have trained your Cavachon to relieve itself indoors, it will be difficult to retrain it to an outdoor system.  You can do it, but the outdoor potty transition may be prolonged, as you are breaking your Cavachon from its indoor potty training.


You should also set up a specific potty schedule for your Cavachon puppy, initially every two or three hours. Generally, Cavachons will need to use the potty within 30-45 minutes after eating. At night, puppies do not drink as much and can likely hold it for six or more hours.  Some, however, may need to be taken to the potty in the middle of the night if they are not in a crate.  It is essential to take your Cavachon to the potty first thing in the morning and last thing at night. If your puppy doesn’t relieve itself when you take it to the potty, and in order to prevent accidents, you will need to take it again thirty minutes later. The goal is to always enable your puppy to relieve itself in the designated area.  Every accident is a minor setback.  And whenever your puppy relieves itself in the designated potty area, give it lots of praise and a treat.  This greatly reinforces your potty training.


Finally, pay attention to the Cavachon puppy’s behavior and routine. If it has just slurped up a bowl of water, then it will probably need to use the potty in about thirty minutes. If your puppy starts sniffing around, they are probably looking for a place to relieve themselves and you should take it to the potty right away.  The key is to catch the puppy whenever they need to use the potty.


Cavachons are phenomenal dogs for children, adults, seniors, and families of all sizes.  And, to make the most of your new lifelong friendship, please invest the time needed to properly potty train your puppy.  As your puppy becomes potty trained, you will find more joy with your buddy and this will deepen your lifelong friendship.  And, once your Cavachon is potty trained, it will have the freedom to roam your home and do whatever you, or other family members, may be doing.  We wish you many, many years of love, joy and friendship with your new Cavachon best friend!